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The Maruca Group, Cesar David Garcia: Scammers Exposed


I collected some reviews to show you how The Maruca Group (link) operates. Please read before booking here.



The reviews posted here are from Facebook.

How does this company operate?

They (Cesar David Garcia) collect photos from villa's they want to offer for rent. The owners do not have to be aware of this. The point is that you collect enough photos. See the reviews on the left or above, villa owners telling that their property was put on websites without their permission.

You ask a few Pakistanis to make a website. You can view the result here.

You try to rent as many villas as possible. If people arrive then there are 2 options:
1) People are left empty handed
2) You offer you something else to people who make too much noise. Preferably something cheaper so that you earn more money yourself.

Read the reviews below: